Hyoubu Lockdown on Archives! (4th, DP GNK, 3-1)

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lostgeek 1429

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

19 Mar 2020 Longi

Lostgeek: I never thought I would see the day, where Hyoubu Lockdown for Archives is the correct move.

Quotation from Discord chat during tournament. I love it :)

20 Mar 2020 Trismagistos

Hi.I love Saraswati. It is very triky ID, with extremly fun potential. CG

22 Mar 2020 manveruppd

What do you do with NGOs? Do you advance them normally so you can use them during a run, or do you use Saraswati and just take it as a win if they waste their mone trashing them?

22 Mar 2020 lostgeek

It depends on whether I think the Runner can get in AND whether I think the Runner is actually reading into the fact that I advance something manually or via Saraswati.

For example if the Runner has enough resources to get into the scoring remote once, I might Saraswati install an NGO there. If they don't run, I got 1 click of efficiency. If they do run, it opens up a scoring window to push an agenda next.

Also never advancing NGOs for La Costa value is a thing :)