Diversified Portfolio FA Tennin

@Bookkeeper 26

Encouraged changes: another Crisium for the third Space Camp and mayyyybe a Miraju for the third Engram Flush.

19 Mar 2020 Yusei

what about -1 EngramFlush -1~3 IPO +1Crick +1~3NGO?

19 Mar 2020 @Bookkeeper

@Yusei thanks, nice additions! The FA plan is remoteless: NGO might work as a naked one, as there would be no successful run to declare. Not sure about Crick for two reasons: probably not enough targets all the time: I'd say Crisium for sure, NGOs and Cyberdex in some cases; apart from that, the Archives are left open intentionally an the only counterplay to Breached Domes I saw was Security Testing.