Wrong Choices Nisei. Undefeated GNK

Cliquil 927

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So I was building a deck and I though... how many little rules can I break for the purpose of making this deck?

To my great shame I missed the most obvious one and built a 49 card deck where 48 or 50 would have been more wrong/correct.

I did, however, fly in the face of conventional UK wisdom on a few counts

1 - 2 Rashidas

B - A La Costa Grid

Sea - No restricted card

Four - 5 influence unspent

IIIII - Wasn't Palana but instead Nisei Division

The latter was in part to aim for a prize from a London online GNK for "most exciting ID combo." I combo'd this with a Gnat deck so I could submit it as "Gnisei Division"

It then one all its games.

I put it down to a few things

1 - The Nisei Mk II / Hyobu scoring plan behind good ice is a solid core plan. Its not, of course, my idea.

2 - Runners seem to be struggling at the moment for various reasons

3 - In game 3 Turning Wheel really flaked out on an opponent

4 - My agenda draws were reasonably consistent.

Thanks to Andi for running the GNK and for finding my attempts to appeal to you so appealing.