Temple of the Blue Sun - Iberian Lockdown Winner

cableCarnage 502

aka Gagarin at home

Corp deck I took to Iberian lockdown. It is an asset based tempo deck with a side of murder if the runner gets too aggressive. Also leads to wonderful questions such as "Why isn't this in Gagarin?" or "Has he used the id ability this game?".

Gagarin being banned for the event answers the first question

Furthermore Blue Sun has a flexible ability allowing you to:

  • rearrange the limited quantity of ICE to adapt to the game state
  • get a credit boost to score an agenda or land a Hard-Hitting News
  • refresh Lady Liberty

Most of the cards are self explanatory for an asset list but here are the justification for the more questionable ones:

Thanks to all my opponents, the competitors and the organisers of Iberian Lockdown for a fun Sunday.