False Haarp (almost lost everything)

5N00P1 626

So this is my Diversified Portfolio Deck, initially I wanted to play something else, but then I had the idea I could play Haarp as it allows you to put out 2 agendas & the runner can only steal 1 and when you play the Hard-Hitting News False Lead Combo they can't just win from running R&D and seeing 15 cards to win with The Turning Wheel.
It didn't go so well :D

Game Plan

The deck basically consists out of agendas, tools to tag them and some ICE that is mainly taxing. + News Team to make them need more agendas.
They might be to afraid to run your servers, just score out and try to score False Lead first. When you have reached 5 points just wait for 2x 2 pointers show up and you have won.
Otherwise wait for your Hard-Hitting News window.

The Event

I won 1 game.... nothing else to say.... But... one was lost to my own stupidity, the 2nd to me not finding ICE against Stargate and they trashed it....
But still this deck might need refinements.


I never used Liquidation so maybe cut it? Never used Exchange and this is not I exchange 1 point against 3 points from Global Food Initiative. Maybe cut it? Stock Buy-Back was better then expected and Drudge Work could have won me a game.... The ICE was fine, some more pieces could help.