Maximum... Profits?!

Enausity 11

Essentially, a standard runner deck needs 3-4 things to be successful against the corp: econ, draw and breakers, with either some tricks to get your pieces out faster or pressuring faster. I think Assimilator for enabling Aesop's Pawnshop gives you all the money to contest any match-up as long as you can keep fueling it. Plus, once you have at least one Reaver down your getting good passive draw in as well. The part I've struggled most with Apex is how to get going fast enough without spending all your econ just setting up this wonder Rube Goldberg like machine only to see the corp sail safely to victory. Then it occurred to me: Gachapon gives you the acceleration you need to both find your combo pieces AND discount them.

Mulligan hard for DreamNet and event econ as installing it turn one with a Dirty Laundry is free draw and a lot of money. Next, you want to try to find a way to get down Assimilator with 1-2 Reavers with any number of Wastelands.

Gachapon can be used on the corp's turn to get the once per turn triggers of both cards, and lets you use those triggers again on your turn.

I don't often install Nano directly, as Apex can facedown it first and then flip it up with Assimilator to save 4 credits. Black Orchestra can always be pawned off if installed facedown unless you see heap hate cards. Reboot whenever the chance presents itself or should you have binned something you actually wanted.

30 Mar 2020 Enausity

Update: -1 Misdirection for +1 No One Home as tag prevention and net damage shield. Then, also -1 Heartbeat and +1 Buffer Drive for targeted recursion.