Hybrid Condenser v2.0

GingercredMan 59

This is the fun version of my Hybrid Condenser deck. For a less frantic feeling version replace Future Perfects with Obokatas and Bio-Ethics with more Snares and Psychic Fields.

The deck plays similarly to a typical RP asset deck but I've slotted more ice and included some big ice, it might just be personal preference but I like the more taxing runs and it allows you to glacier up if necessary. The deck is built around Prana condenser as a source of surprisingly effective econ and a ticking timebomb that the runner must deal with.

The main ways to proc Prana Condenser are Bio-Ethics (effectively making a Commercial Bankers Group that can kill) and House of Knives. Make the condenser expensive to deal with and the runner will have to spend quite a few clicks and credits clearing the threat while you should be making money in the process. If all goes well the runner will struggle to find the time to trash assets, steal your agendas and build their board.

When the runner inevitably trashes something hit them with Riot Suppression first click so you can react based on what they choose. Taking a brain damage makes them easier to kill putting them on a faster clock for Prana and Bio-Ethics. If they choose to lose 3 click then your remotes are safe next turn thanks to your ID ability and you can easily score an agenda or throw down a threat that they won't be able to deal with.

7 Apr 2020 tonybluehose

I like everything about what this deck is trying to do. Thank you for building!