Chameleon Cafe

Diomedes 77

Won the Indianapolis GNK with this, though I was mostly carried by my corp deck. Went 2-2 in Swiss and 1-0 in the cut. I feel like I need another cheap econ card, but there just doesn't seem to be anything. I've considered pad tap to slow the corp down a bit but I really like where my influence is spent right now.

Paule's cafe in combination with boomerang and chameleon can get you through a ton of ice for very cheap, and the boomerang can really take a lot of people by surprise early game. Clot is a must for all of the titan and sportsmetal running around, and if you draw it just throw it on Paule to really demoralize your titan opponents. If the meta continues to be a lot of FA and asset spam, takobi might get the cut. There are 2x of a few unique connections because you really need to see them early to make Paule's work and to get your econ going. 2x cybertrooper because it is great with chameleon, and allows you to get a sneaky free-ish strength boost with simulchip in a pinch.