Freddie Mercury's Shortsmetal

Shorty 112

This is the deck that carried me to 1st place @Hamburg SC and 3rd place @Rosenheim SC, with a total score of 9-0 (doesn't mean too much nowadays as Corp I guess).

Nothing new or too fancy, just another Arella Sportsmetal Rush/FA hybrid but this one wants to actually score in a remote.

No big tricks, just non-stop slaming into the scoring remote. The last two points mostly needs to be fast-advanced out of hand because you literally have no lategame, most ICE is pure gearcheck with very low binary use. Its still so much fun to see runners trying to contest the remote every single turn with their pants down while you keep on slaming and scoring out agenda points in ludicrous speed without losing any tempo.

It has some amazing matchups against modern crims and anarchs, a very good call for the current meta I dare to say. Ofc still suffering the same weaknesses most rushdecks have. The deck is some kind of pet project since the early days of R&R and had endless changes in the past, but this build feels very consistent and forgiving. Easy to pick up and play, concentrate on an early scoring server and pay some attention to your ID and Grid triggers. MVP's here are definitely Tranquility Home Grid & Cyberdex Sandbox (numbers on those cards are bonkers).

Name is taken because some guys think there are some striking resemblances between Freddie and myself, I guess mostly because of the mustache and the sexyness. Freddie surely would loved to jam into remotes, too.

Deck can be seen in action on my mates channel:

8 Apr 2020 Late

I claim the rights to the deck's Name... At least the Shortsmetal part and the Freddy stuff that's going on... Well... so yeah...uhm... Trademark's mine, I guess xD

GGWP man. I sincerely hope your infatuation with the deck ends sometimes soon, I want to start sweeping you again instead of the other way round ;-)

9 Apr 2020 hermes


Congratulations on you win Shorty. Amazing performance.

9 Apr 2020 Simone Suka

But he can't die of AIDS since you have 5 virus hate cards.

Sorry, it's inappropriate, but i wanted to do this joke since yesterdy

11 Apr 2020 Shorty

I guess I should say thanks or something for the comments, still not sure if I should feel offended or not. =D

11 Apr 2020 TugtetguT

This list is :fire:

12 Apr 2020 Shorty

I wanted to thank you for giving this list a serious shot! Give them hell on the 14th! =)

11 Oct 2020 Shorty

Switched out a Vanilla for a Macrophage and took the deck to day1b of Worlds 2020. It went for an okayish 5/2 and brought me together with my Smoke to place 29 out of 173.