Lost In The Supermarket v9.0

syntaxbad 624

"I'm all lost in the supermarket; I can no longer shop happily; I came inside for a Special Offer; a guaranteed personality."

Just returned to have a look at all the new sets after a year and a half off and hoo boy did they buff my favorite pet ID! This one's simple: "Keep 'em basic". Actions that is. Try to rez on both turns as often as possible. Reset everything with Divert Power later on when you have 4 or so rezzed Ads. Wait for them to blow cash on a run and then score out when they're poor.

This was my quick and dirty update to an old list, so I certainly haven't fully digested all the new possibilities from Ashes. Suggestions welcome!

25 Apr 2020 FightingWalloon

Is -2 credits every cycle of turns really enough to keep them too poor to contest scoring out? I wonder if you need to make room for SEA Source - Closed Accounts to be able to shut the door.

Also, have you thought about used Remastered instead of Exploda and/or Sales Team so you can have some FA potential?