Petroleum (#UnbeatenBeastGNK)

boreira 541

Since I put this deck together it won me all games including GNK so it's my fav corp now. Forget clickin for credits, just burn it all and this deck has My Badge of Approval.

20 Apr 2020 g4rr3t

Neat! Congrats on your performance!

20 Apr 2020 boreira

@g4rr3tthx dude

20 Apr 2020 GingercredMan

Looks tasty. Are the Archived Memories used mostly for extra MassComs?

20 Apr 2020 boreira

@GingercredManyes and cayambe recursion is nasty

12 May 2020 M0H4WK

Nice deck man. This looks like a Beast!

12 May 2020 boreira

@M0H4WKthx dude cheers!