Complete KillZ 64 (Winner Emerald City Lockdown)


This was my contribution to the Emerald City Lockdown Online tournament. It was Diversified Portfolio format, IDs are given point values, so naturally i decided to shop in the bargain basement, and I was heavily tempted by Seidr until every Crim deck DoFed me to death. I decided that I must destroy all blue cards out there, looking to their natural enemy, cheeky net damage! This list was heavily inspired by the excellent recently posted Chronos deck: In my play though I wanted it to play like a jammy glacier and put more ice in, especially IP Block for that anti-turtle love. I figured that people might play cautiously fearing Snares and Complete Image so I could cheat and cut down on the traps and that the fear of them possibly being in there would be enough. The reality though is that Snare is super good and I should have not got too cute with it. Complete Image in this deck though is a monster and the runner stealing one agenda turns it on for the entire game. Even with 7 agendas though it seemed like that if you don't start jamming ASAP you can get flooded since you are only playing 3 pointers.

The Tournament:

RD1 vs Justin H Reina (Win) - Reina and Hernando Cortez made all of my ice super overpriced but luckily I got enough money cards to somewhat even out. I made a small remote and was able to jam Obos before he was able to figure out my ruse and just straight up run over me.

RD2 vs. Justin M Kit (Win) - He was on Aesop's for econ and a remote of Slot machine, Kakugo x2 and Border Control made it a tough bill to run it multiple times. He pulled out a Caldera and after my initial shock of him having the best tech card for the situation, I realized I just had to jam the old fashioned way. However, with the attrition damage and the sheer cost of using said tech card, he eventually ran out of money after being very unlucky with RDI.

RD 3 vs Sean (Boot) Apoc Omar (Loss) - I sensed the Apoc right off the bat so I tried to lay many layers of ice over centrals and was able to get 2 deep on all centrals. However, I wasn't able to find any of the cards that would counter such as Hokusai Grid or Kakugo that would be able to snipe the Apoc as he was going for it. He eventually landed the Apoc and was able to win very fast to avoid my other tricks.

RD 4 vs Colin Drug Dealer Az (Win) - I had no business in this matchup I was very flooded and poor most of the time and he played extremely well. I had 2 Complete Image in HQ with practically no money and prayed that maybe I could tax his hand and slow him down. I played Complete Image with him at 4 cards knowing there was a Class Act in hand. I knicked the Class Act and then with my ID knew the other 3 cards. Through some insane luck I was able to correctly guess the next 3 cards of net damage and land an insanely lucky kill to seal the deal.

Thanks to all my opponents and especially Sam who made the day possible, this was the best possible way to spend a day during these times!