Multi-access is a crutch (3th at Iberian Lockdown 3)

Cpt_nice 935

"Should have used the Hopper"...

This is the deck that won me the bronze medal at the third Iberian Lockdown tournament, my second one in a row.

I wanted to play Blue Sun and Shaper for this event, but that meant I had to look at low ranked green ID's. Chaos Theory was considered but because I figured the meta would be net damage heavy (which was correct) I didn't feel comfortable playing a 40 card deck. And since Jesminder seems kinda meh in a tournament with few Argus/NBN I settled on Akiko, who I think is quite underrated anyway.

For the core of the deck I decided to lean on Paule's Cafe, who works perfectly with the large amount of programs AND hardware I wanted to run. And since there were tons of strong unique connections, it was a no-brainer. The Archivist especially was a fun include, not only feeding into the Cafe and Dreamnet, if you get him out early you can use the bad pub during runs to install things even more cheaply.

Inversificator was a last minute call to deal with positional ice and Kakugo's, which ended up working out nicely (the winner used it as well, except out of Kit which is obviously better). Furthermore, it was also great to keep putting unrezzed ice on R&D, making it so you can run multiple times per turn to see cards and/or drain credits from the corp to prevent more accesses.

Two cards I underestimated were Psy Mike and Supercorridor. The former made me heaps of money, so if you play Akiko you should def include at least 1 copy. The latter's hand size made repeated Stimhacks a lot more manageabe and I managed to trigger the 'same credit' ability at least six times during the day.

The deck did ok in swiss, beating a CTM and SSO and losing to Chronos Protocol and Palana. In the cut it beat Saraswati and then lost to said Saraswati in rematch because I saw three cards on R&D and figured myself pretty safe with 4 in hand 2 snares in archives. After which I proceeded to hit a Snare and Fetal AI. Conclusion, multi-access is overrated. Or rather, you should preemptively use Sports Hopper if you are digging. Darn Kakugos...

Thanks again to my opponents and to Vesper for another great edition, see you at number 4!

20 Apr 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Was great seeing this deck unfold getting value left right and centre!

As for the Saraswati matchup I think the most appropriate saying on my side would be ‘better lucky than good’

20 Apr 2020 Cpt_nice

@Baa Ram Wu I do like some great value plays!

Nah, it was an honest misplay on my part, I got a bit greedy and sloppy. It was a good match!