An Otter, an Axolotyl, and a Fox walk into a server...

dasher 70

So we all know that the companions are totally busted, especially when dialed up to 11 with Keiko.

This is a pretty standard Hoshiko Drip deck - I guess the main difference is trading out the Paperclip for Film Critic as there are too many punishing agendas out there for my liking.

If anyone can give me a better idea on what to use my last influence on aside from a The Turning Wheel, then I am all ears... or do you really even need to use the last influence? Probably easiest just to add a third Deuces

25 Apr 2020 francesco.pellegrini.netrunnerdb

Do you think Hunting Grounds could be worth the last influence? It's another virtual resource for Odore ;)

26 Apr 2020 dasher

Now that is a good idea @francesco.pellegrini.netrunnerdb. Thanks