[Identity Crisis] Sunny Criminal

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published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

Sunny AND Criminal

Identity Crisis deck, starting off as Ken "Express" Tenma: Disappeared Clone.

Card choices

Deck is derived from koga's and cpt_nice's, I just saddled a different unicorn and imported as many criminal goodies as I could.

Credit Kiting

0-credits Security Nexus or Amina sound good, even better when Citadel Sanctuary gets rid of the tag for you.

Rigged Results

1-shot sudo Security Nexus.

Flip Switch

Like Security Nexus, it can be used while running with Jak Sinclair to make the Corp spend credits to rez ICE with no consequences.

GS Sherman M3

I preferred it to Corroder for the no- cost (which Data Folding loves) and because most barriers I thought of were either 1 or 4 strength.


Same influence cost as Stargate, but synergizes with all run events, Jak Sinclair runs, The Turning Wheel, and Aumakua.