Pyper 1.0 (11-2 in competitive events) aka Fiteclub Blue Sun

rotage 2152


This is the deck that was used in Fiteclub and did terribly for Mike (RNG is a pain)

However outside of this it has done well in tournament play for me so far, plays like every other of my lists, you try to score agendas aggressively and if the runner interrupts you then you punish them for this

The deck came about after Bcom, @Swiftie and I were eating KFC at Gatwick airport and he suggested putting my HB kill deck into Blue Sun. I said don't be silly that won't work so I then built this deck to prove Swiftie wrong, I failed

Card Run Down

Armed Intimidation - I wanted to fit in Psychic field along with the 3 Neural EMP and 3 Chiyashi which meant only 2 Influence for GFI so I needed another 4/2. I added this as I felt it could be handy as another win con and if not just be annoying to make the runner trash their hand or take 2 tags, It did win me a game. Swiftie said this was a bad include. HA

Psychic Field - I hate 419 plus as Blue Sun you can bounce it back and play the game forever until a) they trash it b) they stop exposing, both are fine with me. Swiftie also said this was a bad idea. This has also won me a game. HA again Swiftie

Sapper - This was a Veritas but Paulyg suggested a sapper, so it was included no idea if it is ever done anything useful

Audicity - As we are playing Atlas having a way to FA from 5 to 7pts doesn't seem terrible

High Profile Target To combo with Armed Intimidation, also sometimes people take tags vs Mausolus


Is a fun deck to play with as you have various options and paths you can take. Also the trip to KFC was the last time I saw Swiftie, I miss Swiftie :(

9 May 2020 Quarg

I always love these decks.

... but I also miss Swiftie. :(

9 May 2020 Swiftie

I miss KFC.

9 May 2020 rotage

@Quarg Thanks working on a new idea @Swiftie I'm even sadder now :(

9 May 2020 scd

ctrl-F brainstorm not found


9 May 2020 rotage

@scdSo that when brainstorm reappears it will surprise them. Don't worry it will be back very soon

9 May 2020 scd

i have faith in you

11 May 2020 O'Conner

Is it harder to score out with no NGO Front to bluff as agendas? Does it not hurt your money not having a card like that?

11 May 2020 pspacekitten

Is this the one I beat?

13 May 2020 rotage

@O'ConnerIt does make it a bit harder but usually when I am scoring either a) I'm fairly sure I can score it or b) if they steal it then I can murder them. However it could be worth trying with NGO to see how it feels.

@pspacekittenYes it was you you are one of the two :)

14 May 2020 Swiftie

I've had to play against this a few time on Jnet now. Is it meant to have a Sapper or Veritas?

So far it's not killed me, but I have run into that bloody Psychic Field a couple of times while looking for the never advance Project Atlas.

14 May 2020 MELLONE75

great deck!!!!!!!! i try it this days 4 game 0 loose and i am not a good player at all it is funny to play whit

14 May 2020 rotage

@Swiftie Dunno, go with your heart
@MELLONE75Great to hear, glad you are having fun with it

19 May 2020 Shishu

i think my favorite part about this deck is how very little blue sun has changed and yet always seem to bring something new. even w/o 3 GFI, this feels kind of perfect. i love not having to feel like you need hostile to close the game in a non-outfit deck, <333

now if only nyc wasn't so full of degenerates keen to the kill plan...

24 May 2020 boreira

@rotage how to put bold text in deck description?