Lock the Gates - 2nd and undefeated @ York SC (30 players)

mao 677



This is my masterpiece of the moment, that carried me to the top cut. I felt that the meta was stalling and people were moving only from one competitive ID to another in order to do well in tournaments.

I felt that there was some space to break the Criminal dominion. So I wanted an ID with tons of money in order to don't get choked by credit denial, with agendas difficult to steal (confiding in Shaper and Film Critic fading), and with a punitive win condition against bold moves and aggressive playstyles.

During this extenuating and long tournament, it was amazing watching Formicary holding the fort popping everywhere; rushing agendas with Digital Rights Management (sometimes even one after another with Archived Memories) and Dedication Ceremony, that can also work well with Reversed Accounts to siphon the runner's money.

Punitive Counterstrike also shined, winning me a couple of games, with all the money this ID can make. In any case, it's a very good deterrent.

The first version of the deck had also NAPD Cordon but, in the end, I cut it for more economy cards and it was the right choice. It's not the time yet.

During the tournament, I faced plenty of 419, Hoshiko, Geist, Hayley, and Leela.

Would I change anything? No.

Now, goodnight and keep up breaking the meta!


Me, now, after almost 10 hours of Netrunner facing a screen:


25 May 2020 Labbes

the gif is a+. also good on you for trying things outside of a meta that has gotten a bit stale and being succesful with it!

25 May 2020 mao

@Labbes thank you very much! And about the gif, I am a fan of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. ;P