Have all cakes and eat them: 2! (1st at Barcelona SC 7-0)

Bridgeman 493

An updated version of the deck that got me 5th place at worlds: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/57289/have-all-cakes-and-eat-them-too-5th-at-worlds-

Just swapped the Degree Mills for Bellonas and IP Blocks for Gold Farmers. Bellona is insanely good... It makes the deck even more robust.

For general strategy see the link above.

Won against Geist, 419(twice), 419(another one), Apoc alice(Twice), and Apoc Val.

Great tournament! Thanks to all the lovely people who organized and participated!

11 May 2020 Cpt_nice

I don't see any apoc tech but you still managed to win that match up every time. Just scoring out fast enough while Scarcity slows them down? Or do you ice centrals, take it slow, and kill them after they invest all their money in the apoc?

11 May 2020 Bridgeman

The approach depends a bit on the situation, you have to ice centrals to some degree. It is a combination of scarcity slowing down their setup and the threat of HHN when they run to drain them of cash. If you get to 6 points you can still win by getting an echo chamber behind ice after the apoc. Also bellonas are still hard to steal.

It can get scary if your start is not fast enough because they can just gather money and prepare for a big apoc, though this hasnt happened in practice yet.

11 May 2020 FightingWalloon

What do you see as the comparison between this version and the non-Boom version on Border Control.

12 May 2020 Bridgeman

Hmm. I havent played a non-boom Azmari in a long time, and also I´m not really sure what version you are referring to because Azmari can take many forms, and I think that a lot of glaciery Azmari lists look very strong. You could definitely make a version of this deck with border controls, it might even be better.

But my general thoughts is that first of all HHN is a great card because it is a run deterrent that works on all servers whereas ice only helps on the servers you install them on. This helps box the runner in early, with resources being very expensive and runs being dangerous you are limiting the space that the runner can comfortably operate in. Also HHN fits extra well in Azmari because you often get ahead on credits, and it then allows you to dump those credits into making your opponent poorer, further slowing them down.

Second if you run ice that can give tags it is nice to have a card that punishes your opponent keeping those tags, being able to trash resources is not threatening enough in some scenarios. Again forcing your opponent to clear tags limits their options, and BOOM is the best way to motivate clearing of tags while only using one deck slot.

I´ve gone with the economic warfares over border controls because it further limits the risk-free space of the runner.