Accidental Dreams (1st at Barcelona SC went 3-3)

Bridgeman 493

This is the runner deck I brought to Barcelona SC. My corp deck was the real star while this deck only won half the games. However I still feel this is a very strong deck and it did okay enough against strong opposition to still land me 1st place.

Credit to MCBeast for this very similar list that became my point of reference when testing:

I cut a few cards I felt were not adding much to the overall game plan, or that I simply felt only needed one copy: - 1 Paladin - 1Maemi - 2 Stimhack + 3 Mining Accident + 1 Dream Net

The idea is that this deck is all about running relentlessly to gain value and making runs cheaper with bad pub helps out a great deal, if the corp pays to prevent the bad pub they may not be able to rez ice on other servers. This works well with pad tap too as it is hard to both get rid of the pad taps and prevent the bad pub. The extra DreamNet is there because the card is insane in hoshiko and you really want to get it rolling early.

The other cards were cut because they did not contribute to the plan of running relentlessly, also doubling on the companions leads to dead draws.

This is great fun to play, I was a bit tired of playing apoc val after worlds and this aggressive style is very refreshing to me.

11 May 2020 Bridgeman

The two Utae are black orchestras, my bad :D