Prepaid Reina Hacktivist top 8 Bydgoszcz regionals.o8d

Wosho 234

13 May 2015 prozz

congrats on your performance!

i really like this deck, but it got me thinkging: its reina without lots of denial cards but with 3 scrubbers. how about getting 3 scrubber slots by replacing identity with whizzard? what to put instead? do you think it makes sense?

13 May 2015 Wosho

Thank You :) I just really like Reina and i dont like to play whats currently best ;) You could do that, and probably will be fine. Instead of scrubbers i would take some combination of: 1.Xanadu 2.Some cutlery, probably against barriers or codegates. 3.Another dejavu.