Tory Manifesto

CommissarFeesh 410

Ok, here's the plan. You know those big banks we had to bail out a while back because of poor investiment decisions? We're going to start selling off the government to them a piece at a time, starting with the NHS and moving on to other public services.

We'll also be pushing to start up a fracking initiative, in spite of the protests against it, because who gives a shit what the people want if it makes us money? And we need that money for our defense programme.

We need to control the media so we can create enough public support that people don't question our surveillance techniques or data monitoring.

Oh, and of course we need to make sure that nobody in the lower classes can improve their situation - that would be awful.

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14 Aug 2015 lilelia

But are you doing enough to tackle immigration?

14 Aug 2015 CommissarFeesh

@lilelia - Brussels won't let us put a proper border Lockdown in place ;)

14 Aug 2015 hi_impact

I came in expecting Tori Hanzo, I left with some dank British memes.

14 Aug 2015 Jackpot

"Fascism - the inspiration behind the Tory Manifesto!" Ice cold burn.

15 Aug 2015 ichigokuto

@jackpot does swapping one card for another not count as inspired??? o.0

15 Aug 2015 CommissarFeesh

@ichigokuto I'm pretty sure Jackpot was commenting on my slating of a UK political party, not calling me out for only making a small change ;)

2 Oct 2015 CrushU

I dislike Mark Yale in Titan decks. By himself, you click for a credit. He only does something if you've scored any agendas, and honestly not a whole lot of something either.

My Asset econ is Capital Investors because I can keep flogging it, and it's something the runner HAS to go in and kill before I get an insurmountable credit lead. I also run Elizabeth Mills because I hate Noise's Wyldside. STOP DANCING. Also happens to work against Valencia, since Blackmail is such an issue for this sort of deck.

I do really like the Old Hollywood Grid combined with Government Takeover however. Inspired!

I'm not sure I like triple SEA Source, since you normally only need one... I'm also on the fence about Enforcer 1.0 since there's some runners he doesn't do much against. (Does good work against DLR though.) I prefer to run Turing to stop Eater/Keyhole decks, and to put the brakes on Faust users.

My problem in general has been Criminal decks (ok, so really just Account Siphon by itself...) and I don't really see much here that answers them...? What's your gameplan look like against the Blue?