Quick Draw V1.1

Cancer Ace 156

I'm bringing back Chaos Theory/Monolith! Well, not really.

This deck runs like the old "Big Girls Play with Monoliths" by Peekay5k. Draw your deck. Then draw it again. Then again. Freelance Coding makes your econ enormous. Cloak and Cyberfeeder keep your runs cheap. Monolith, Plascrete, and an enormous handsize keep you from being killed. Borrowed Satellite gives you link defense and a few extra cards in hand.

I'm not saying this list will win tournaments; it usually takes a little too long to set up, at least with the group I'm playing with right now. It will, however, be a lot of fun to play. Something about drawing your deck just feels good. If you're looking for something different to play casually, give it a shot.

27 Aug 2014 GPWK

This is why you have one of my Corroders. I'm thinking about straight up ganking this if you're not coming tomorrow. Also, I'm breaking your 100 Rep by favoriting it, just so you're aware.