Freddie Mercury Shortsmetal (IWantToRideMyBraincycleRMX)

vesper 161

Made in the heat of the moment for Barcelona's Store Champs in the 2020 Online Season.

Inspired by previously seen decks.

16 May 2020 Shorty

Cool, how does it turns out for you that day?

20 May 2020 vesper

@Shorty, it didn't do too bad, contrary to the person playing it ;-) I had a blast and the stream from the day is great proof of it.

Would probably go -2 Enigma and -2 Drafter for slightly more taxing ice and some IPOs or other burst economy. Maybe +1 Týr and +3 econ cards.

If I remember correctly, Brainstorm fired once (for 5!), but I think it's a nice and spicy card to have around against Boomerangs and what not ;-)