Stack Attack

marcalexandredube 2

Fun and different. This deck is loosely based on Enter at your own risk, from Koschei. Instead of focusing on the card in hand, the deck focus on the stack. It has a fair chance of flatlining the runner, if the runner rush in too fast (Snare!, Prisec, Sting!, Fetal AI, Mganga). The deck is also cheap to run, with only NGO Front, Special Offer and Hedge Fund. Special Offer here shine, because it appear as an ice, which deter the runner. Aimor is the MVP, taking away 3 card from the stack. The weakness of this deck are AI (which can break traps), Virus (same reason) and Film Critic. Under the Bus take care of Film Critic. Reverse Infection take care of AI and Virus. The flip of this deck should be Greenhouse, to score an Obotaka. Another nice thing about this setup is that it doesn't care much if the runner is rich or has super breaker, as long as they are not AI (typically, Aumakua). Since the ice are not there to stop the runner. Finally, Preemptive Action allow the comeback of traps and ambushes. It also gives a small protection against Stargate. It might not be the usual Jinteki deck, but it is very fun to play and full of shenanigans. If you have suggestions, they are more than welcome.

21 May 2020 Gaslight

This deck is actually mad fun.