Thameside Snakedraft - Jemison

Cliquil 1047

I am the very model of a modern Snekdraft Jemison, I've got a good agenda in an Armed Intimidation

I know of Atlas and of Food and had it been an option, I would have maybe slotted them as part them as part of my concoction

I'm well acquainted too with Jemmy's interruption, I understand the timing chart, even when its rudely done,

About the trappy nonseyense I'm bursting with a thousand tales, ...Which I'll haply tell to all if we are sharing half a dozen ales.

I've got a twin threat of agenda or an ambush card, To make the runner think and have to doubt things hard, In short because of Ghost Branch and of Armed Intimidation I am the very model of a modern Snekdraft Jemison

22 May 2020 tejukumar

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