Party Animal (Fun, Tempo, 12x DoF's)

boreira 600

This deck is pure fun, pure tempo and pure 12 DoF's to be landed in a single game (achievement completed)

Put Aniccam down and you are on the dance floor

Some random ingame comments:

  • labor rights? I like it!

  • that was DoF number seven?

  • This econ is amazing

Hope @Mellone75 do aprove it as well known Ken's expert

PS. Just to let you know boreira is pronounced:

  • Bo (like BoJack Horsman)

  • Rei (like Ray Charles)

  • Ra (like god of sun)

but my name is just Boris

If you like to party hard swap Falsified Credentials with Exploit

24 May 2020 🌭🌭🌭🌭

thats a lotta doofs

24 May 2020 boreira

@🌭🌭🌭🌭 bit more than your MaxX deck ;) but often is nice to recure other events to just close the game

24 May 2020 valerian32

Sounds like fun. Gotta try it!

24 May 2020 boreira

@valerian32 party hard

25 May 2020 MELLONE75

deck full approved!! ken knows party

25 May 2020 boreira

@MELLONE75 yeaaaaaah haha

26 May 2020 Cpt_nice

That does look like fun

26 May 2020 boreira

@Cpt_nicehey like your decks from iberian lockdown and this one here is just for fun

26 May 2020 bowlsley

I played this yesterday and the only reason I didn't lose sooner was because the runner was too busy doofing me to actually check HQ. I had a miserable time with no money, very strong deck, A+++

26 May 2020 boreira

@bowlsley some matchups might look like that but there are some really tought for this deck as well (faced Whiteblade on PE and that felt miserable to me ;)

17 Jun 2020 MadeNPlayed

I used Aniccam a lot in my Ken deck when it first came out but ultimately I found Swift to be overall more useful. Play an event and need to draw? No prob you just earned yourself another click. Need something else? Swift lets you do that too. Ultimately the versatility caused me to abandon Aniccam and save the inf.

17 Jun 2020 ValkyriezGaming

@FastEddieFelsonIf you were taking this deck and swapping out Aniccam with Swift, where would you put the 6 influence? I would think it's probably best spent on Run Events for triggering Swift, so maybe Stimhack, Khusyuk for 2c installs?, Mining Accident, more The Maker's Eye or maybe even 2x cutlery events?

17 Jun 2020 boreira

@FastEddieFelsonthe main difference between annicam and swift is clearly visable form the perspective of the corp. In my opinion its way easier to counter Swift Ken than Aniccam Ken. And ofcourse its way easier to fire annicam than swift... I know it cost 6inf for 2x Aniccams but I still treat it as good investment. Draw means tempo and tempo is all you need