Pitch black v1.0 - Chronos Protocol Reggio Emilia (IT) 1st P

aldaris 255

Zion train is coming our way.

this deck went 3-2 in the tournament (24 players). it has a very easy concept: full rig in 4/5 turns and cheap run, no multiacces only your skill. it's a very philosophical deck, no way to escape if you lose it's probably your fault. for this deck the worst matchup are nbn FA and archer.

26 May 2014 mplain

Why no Prepaid VoicePAD? And how's the 'too many breakers' + Freelance doing for you?

26 May 2014 Fjord

Seems like you'd have to draw your entire deck before you wanted to play a full Freelance Coding Contract.

26 May 2014 paddosan

I helped Aldaris playtest this deck for the Chronos Protocol, and used the deck myself a few times as well.

Prepaid VoicePAD might work in the deck, but there's also a few economy cards that already cost 0 credits, and no event recursion, so you can live without.

Freelance Coding Contract here works as a late game economy card, and given in costs 0, even trashing just 2-3 programs is quite a good income ration for one click. You don't need to have drawn all your deck, but if, for example, you're in a game where Force of Nature and/or Deus Ex are not needed, you just trash them for credits... same if you draw too many Corroders or other IBs.

I wasn't exactly convinced myself with this card, but during playtest we found it works quite well, and it's actually a great help in late game situations.

26 May 2014 Dydra

I honestly don't see how this deck can work properly :\ you have no recursion to make a bit more sense of Free Lance, Queen's gambit + Wyldside = 1 click left per turn ... no Aesop's to break Wyldside , Lucky find is a double too :\ and if they don't break your Wyldside that's like 2 DLR per turn max u can hit (1 for the run and 2 to DLR ), no Fall guys to make them work for the DLR too ...

26 May 2014 aldaris

it's not easy to play with this deck. it isn't a combo deck or a recursion deck is a simple skill deck, there isn't a best strategy. i have never play two times the same game. i play wildside against jinteki but not against nbn, for example. you have to read your opponent game and anticipate his intentions.

26 May 2014 Dydra

Lol Combo deck ... do u know what that means? =) There is only 2 true combo decks that I've seen and both are on the corp side =) Cerebral Imagining 7 agenda points in 1 turn and the Power Shutdown +Jackson+ Accelerated into whatever Wayland

If a deck has certain idea, that is reinforced through several cards, that hardly makes it a "combo deck".

You have exactly 4 memory, which means 3 breakers + DS, that means you can't play Deus Ex even once you've setup your entire rig. You will be keeping your copies of breakers in your hand, cuz if something gets trashed GG ... and how do u exactly free lance? =)

I can understand wanting to have many solutions to many problems, even if you don't need them. Until recently I was deck building like that. I'd often put 1 of, just to have the option to answer a certain problem .... but I'd have a general idea for where I want the deck to go and what to do. I can't see that here.

If it works for you, alrighty, good for you. However, I don't see it working out in general.

26 May 2014 Masterkira

i think it's a good deck instead. I think there are many choice to do playing, and read the game of the opponent it's a true condition to win. I have not played this deck but i will ! Good choice Aldaris ! Dydra have you played it ?

26 May 2014 aldaris

YOU can't see but i can see the direction of this deck, and maybe you have to consider that this deck is a good solution for anarch and whizzard because this deck won a chronos protocol. combo in netrunner is a different concept, indexing and then TME for me is a combo. maybe to win with anarch you have to think different. recursion, tutor great resource economy are good for criminal and shaper but maybe not for anarch because they don't have good recursion and good resource economy and no tutor.

26 May 2014 Dydra

Mate, I main anarch and I can guarantee you, I know exactly what I'm talking about. If you won CP with a 3-2 run ... that to me speaks that the corp deck carried your runner deck ... 4-1 or 5-0 is a lot more respectable result for a deck, compared to just barely breaking even :)

26 May 2014 Jashay

Interesting deck, but it feels a bit like two different ideas stuck together. With all the redundancy in the breakers and Special Order, it looks like 'rig up and roll out', but then there's no multi-access to make it threatening. Then you've got the self-tagging and DLR, a trick I'm personally fond of, but you've got Wyldside and six of your money generators are doubles. DLR is a click-intensive strategy, and Joshua B can only go so far towards mitigating that.

I'd either go for one or the other, but perhaps that's a personal preference. I'll give it a shot before I judge it too harshly. Oh also, any particular reason for Whizzard? I can't see what he adds over Reina

26 May 2014 Jashay

@Dydra: Yes, his corp deck went undefeated at the tournament. He's also posted it.

26 May 2014 paddosan

And here I was, thinking that in Android: Netrunner it's the player who makes the difference, not the deck. One gets hardly carried to victory by his deck.

26 May 2014 aldaris

I prefer whyzzard only for the 3credits. Against HB, nbn Fa and jinteki RP is better to the other anarch identity. This deck is built to have solution against the differents corporation. We can call it a morph skill deck.

26 May 2014 Dydra

btw @aldaris , using your logic this is also a combo deck, because John Masanori / Joshua B. into DLR is a combo ... can we call this a combo deck then? =)

26 May 2014 aldaris

Masanori is one of my draw engine. I don't use DLR all the game is only my plan b when i need to force the corp. Can we call you an arrogant person?

26 May 2014 aldaris

This deck is not a guide to play properly whizzard. If you are envying about this anarchici result don't bore US with your whinig. This deck don't work for you but probably se have different ways to approach netrunner. Your approach is not better then mine and vice versa. I'm not in war against you but probably you should ne more modest. You don't have the truth.

26 May 2014 Dydra


call me whatever u like mate =) I know who I am, I also know when I see a double-standard treatment ... you call a combination of 2 cards in a deck, a combo, but if you use a combination of 2 cards in your deck it is skill deck .... You don't see a problem with that?

and yessss ... I'm soooooooooo envying a 3-2 deck .... oh wait, were u serious?

26 May 2014 aldaris

Oh great anarch and jinteky master tell me how to play properly this two factions. Man indexing and Tme is a combo cause if you have these card you will use them. Dlr and Joshua b no. I repeat if you don't like this deck shut up if you don't have constructive critics.

26 May 2014 butcherpaxton

@Dydra, you're not adding anything to this discussion. "I don't see this working" isn't a useful criticism, especially when it's a deck that has seen use and has worked. This seems like a swiss army deck-- it has a lot of stuff that you might or might not use, depending on how you feel about the gamestate and your opponent. It also feels like it responds to the circumstances of one particular meta. Why are you so bent out of shape about it?