Improved Tracers (4-1 and 4th at OKORINA tournament)

paulyg 1029

I had a blast playing in Sanjay's OKORINA format tournament. Ignore Sol, your ID is Improved Tracers (45/15)!

There's a bunch of tracer ice that is vastly improved by a bump to strength and traces, and it was a delight putting a strength 7 Archangel on HQ and getting to play Sync BRE. Apologies that the rest of the deck is a boring HHN / Boom thing but I thought I should have a win con.

On the day this beat The Nihilist, The Artist, Hernando Cortez and Beth Kilrain-Chang and got ground into dust by a teched The Class Act.

1 Jun 2020 Cpt_nice

I really like Improved Tracers and NBN Glacier, so happy to see you did well with it.

1 Jun 2020 Shiiuga

I somehow played two perfectly teched TCA with my Improved Tracers deck. Such is life I suppose.