Birthday CtM - GNK winner (3:0)

Longi 1562


This is the deck that I took to our first live NR tournament after the pandemic restrictions had been lifted. It was a GNK organised by @Krasty, the biggest NR enthusiast in Czech Republic. He organised it as a celebration of his 40th birthday.

As a format he chose standard since we had not been playing it live for a while. @Krasty expressed a birthday wish that we do not bring Scarcity of Resources and Corporate Grant to the tables. So I left Azmari at home, and also the Argus since I knew that @Krasty despised playing against it. Instead I chose CtM. It was kind of reunion for me since it was my first corp ever played successfully on tournament scene and I had not played it since. Also I wanted to use the amazing plastic ID that I bought from @jakuza in Barcelona.

The deck I played was a simple a derivation of ICEMAN CtM. It changed five or six cards but the main idea stayed.

As for performance it went undefeated although next time I would include more money cards. But more important was the fact that all people from our local meta showed up, if not to play then just to congratulate to @Krasty and we once again discovered the charm of face-to-face pub NetRunner.

Once again, special shout-out to @Krasty for organizing this and bringing all those lovely prices.