Faust Kate - 1st in 2015 Throwback

RotomAppliance 1968

This is the Kate deck I played in the 2015 Throwback event played on jnet - my Corp was a fairly standard Foodcoats list.

This was an archetype I played extensively back in the day, but I'm not sure I played it this early - most of my memories of it involved cards like Faust and Clone chip being hit by the MWL. This meant that my deck had more influence than normal to play with, which I used up by putting 3 Lucky Finds in the deck. Turns out it's a good card.

It's a toolboxy Shaper that uses Faust to patch up the holes in the efficient but limited Mimic/Lady/Cycy rig. Hyperdriver is purely for value with Proco, but will fool an opponent for exactly 1 turn if they don't know your deck.

There are obviously tech slots here that can be played around with. Plascrete seemed advisable given the number of kill NBN decks I faced in testing. Clot seems too good to pass up in that meta. I changed Feedback Filter to Deus-x, but that slot could have been cut for something else. I faced one damage deck - Swifties Mushin HB, but my Deus-x was a dead card, as the traps were Overwriters and Aggressive Secretary. In later metas, I recall using Deus-x over Sharpshooter, once ice such as DNA Tracker, Fairchild 3 and Chiyashi started appearing, but Sharpshooter is definitely the card to use in 2015.

Never ever cut Legwork, it's the only card that forces you to run HQ, your play is about 33% better when you have this card. Something spicy like E3 implants to go with Faust could be fun, but the consistency of Lucky Find for getting up and running quickly was great.

Thanks to Mike for running this event!

7 Jun 2020 Cliquil

Well played and well done for good call on dropping the Feedback Filter, not sure the Deus Ex was neccessary :doge:

7 Jun 2020 boreira


7 Jun 2020 Swiftie

I was also on a single Plan B.

7 Jun 2020 NetDad

Deus X would have saved you from dying to Neural vs Swiftie's Mushin deck if you hit a Cerebral

9 Jun 2020 Swiftie

LiteS I had a Project Vitruvius with 4 counters on it but rotom expertly played around the Biotic Labor into quad Neural EMP. In the end I lost on RnD pressure, clearly shaper central pressure is too strong.