Hybrid Condenser v4.0

GingercredMan 214

With the new banlist this deck can run both Bio-Ethics and Obokata. I expect the Riot Suppressions and Prana Condensers to be more effective in this version of the deck.

16 Jun 2020 hemraa

Have you thought about Mumba Temple instead of IPO? It is another card you can install in order to trigger Jeeves and you can use it to hide Bio-Ethics and to turn on Riot Suppression.

16 Jun 2020 GingercredMan

I like the sound of that a lot.

17 Jun 2020 Cliquil

To think... Oxford could be the source of the degenerecy! :O

Et tu Brute!? :D

17 Jun 2020 GingercredMan

I'll die trying or jank long enough to see myself become the villain.

18 Jun 2020 Kobayashi

Nice list ! A firing Saisentan would trigger Prana Condenser 3 times or not ?

18 Jun 2020 GingercredMan

I does indeed, same with DNA Tracker.