this deck kills helicopters (20.06 legal)

groenkaaf 869

are you sick of the helicopters circling overhead all night? haven't slept in two weeks bc de is a weak turd? nypd using psyops and shows of force while yr neighbors retaliate with bed stuy mortars 24/7?

quit calling city council. quit calling the mayor. quit calling the precinct.

this deck is for you. this deck kills helicopters. birdie go whirrrrrrrrrrrrrr kaboom

17 Jun 2020 snatch22

This deck makes Ted Wheeler cry.

Good show.

17 Jun 2020 Möbius Striptease

De, Neoliberal Bioroid: just the worst bioroid, 1 star

20 Jun 2020 CritHitd20

This looks so mean and I love it. Is there merit in squeezing a copy of Rebirth somewhere?

24 Jun 2020 AmpersandDrew

I was not expecting to see my experience with Brooklyn mortars mirrored on netrunnerdb. My world just got smaller.

25 Jun 2020 groenkaaf

@CritHitd20 there might be. it's already pretty teched for glacier, though, and seeing turtle earlier is very good vs assets. i've squeezed in some accidents since posting this and don't miss the extra breakers. the list isn't tuned for any particular meta