Net Neutrality v1.0

GingercredMan 131

When the word came through from head office that the New Angeles Sol would be shutting up shop, the staff received the news with grim resignation. The writing had been on the wall for months now and morale in the office was at an all time low. What had come as a surprise was the news that the office was to remain open, staffed with a skeleton crew and with a vastly reduced budget. In what seemed more a punishment assignment than a new venture, the remaining staff were told that their new task was to retrofit the Sol's servers as a testing ground to experiment with off the shelf security tech. Now they toil within the grey walls of the server rooms hoping to prove themselves once again and return to the glitz and glamour of success.

19 Jun 2020 flimflam

you think i won't play this?

20 Jun 2020 Möbius Striptease

I mean, on the bright side, nobody has any idea what the hell Sol is up to anymore. You'll have the element of surprise!

20 Jun 2020 manveruppd

Press F to pay your respects to TarMar