Sportsmetal CtM

pj20 1446

I was playing this in Azmari (RIP), but now that GFI & Mumba can be paired this is arguably a better ID.

Runners are rich but not fast. Sure you have no tag punishment, but people still will hesitate to trash you stuff if they have any resources they want to protect (or just the threat of punishment helps you). It also doesn't matter if you're winning on turn 6-8.

Idea is the same as the Sportsmetal "combo" but instead of getting the sick draw, you are relying on your ID to protect the stuff you need.

Remastered counters make it even easier.... if Team Spos sit on the board, it's very easy to score 4-7 points in a turn w Calibrations, Arella & Remastered.

Cyberdex for Clot.

TechnoCo is actually really good right now too, not only as a money maker, but it basically becomes a must-trash with all the Virtual resources out there.

22 Jun 2020 CryptoGraham

This is a fascinating and inspired list! Kudos!

23 Jun 2020 manveruppd

this is awesome, but it really needs some form of tag punishment!