46 card 419 - Undefeated 3rd place DnD SC

just_rob 782

I woke up late on Sunday morning and thought I had missed registration - Thankfully TO Graham kindly let me submit my IDs and it gave me about 7 minutes to build my deck.

I had been testing Anarch throughout the week and because I had not had my coffee I decided to chuck all that aside and play 419, But I needed a deck.

My first thought was - what would RotomAppliance build? He is the best 419 player on the planet so it seemed like a great place to start. Thankfully a bunch of the cards he would have played are now legal again so I went back to his 2018 Euros list - https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/55820/honest-scammer-3rd-at-euros.

From me here I took what was legal and played it and put some new stuff that just seemed good - Tapwrym, Paperclip and Boomerang being obvious examples.

Throughout the day whilst playing I kept thinking - "hmm, how would Rotom play this?" and then did a very poor impression of it. Thankfully the deck is stupidly powerful enough that even a poor version is good enough. It went undefeated on the day against RP x2 (one being the dedication variant gaining traction), Chronos complete image, Asa sideways spam and Argus punitive.

This deck is not endorsed by RotomAppliance and I am conviced that if I woke up early enough to ask him he would make several, correct changes. Perhaps he will do so in the comments.

Thanks to all my opponents and Graham for organising the ven, it was great fun and awonderful way to spend a sunday!

O and it is 46 cards just to frustrate Chris Dyer.