Freed0m (4th SC)

Angedelo 1346

This deck is fine, too slow though. Went 2-2 overall with the losses both being to grind RP - feels like it shouldn't be a bad matchup but it's hard to get that freedom engine running when you have to deal with nasty facecheck ice on centrals. Even the 2 wins were fortunate, think this needs a rethink.

22 Jun 2020 JamesG

I would definitely add 3 peddlers (-1 Dirty Laundry, - 1 Knifed, - 1 Poemu) and probably swap the third copy of Zer0 for a single Earthrise.

22 Jun 2020 Angedelo

Yeah i hoped zer0 would eliminate the need for peddlers but nah, think you're right on those calls