I will GNAT U !

Klokotze 131

YoYo folks, how ya doin'? It is a sunny day over here so I thought I gonna share my idea with you fine people. This is my first deck I share on this precious platform. Some might know me from Jinteki.net the others not yet :D

This deck intends to mill ... and only mill! Since Gang Sign is rotating out soon, I revisited my Anarch mill deck Nathaniel "Gnat" Hall: One-of-a-Kind. I remember my first thought back then on him: "Aww he is still a kid! He cannot run, that's too dangerous!" And actually yes, you don't run! Seems not fun and some people might call it NPE or Solitaire instead of Netrunner, but would you send your 10-year old boi to fight a mega Corporation?! If you have a heart, I doubt it. So therefore Nathaniel "Gnat" Hall: One-of-a-Kind stays home and does a different kind of running, he runs through his deck! Little kid is freakin, fast by doing so with his 40 cards. And this actually the only reason for him to stay in business: to be 5 cards faster than his uncle Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer and 10 cards compared to his granny Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe

Anyways enuff of the Jokes, ‘cause it will be Jokes on them!


My criminal had a combo of Boomerang+ Inside Job so I could contest a Server. Additionally it had On the Lam against Hard-Hitting News after a run or some other wild stuff. In Anarchs I struggle to find a good combination of cards, to reliably do a successful run AND stay alive the turns afterwards.


Pretty standard combo with Fisk Investment Seminar+Gravedigger+Contaminate

Dr. Lovegood let stay The Black File alive not getting counter until the Corp has 7 points. And then you have two more turns to milk the rest of their R&D.

Ahh yes the sweet sweet The Price of Freedom ... everyone has to give some sacrifice and in our case we throw Akshara Sareen under the bus so the Corp ceases his advancing. And trust me, that damn card with 2 advancement tokens is an Agenda when they have nothing scored yet and only 25 left in r&d with 3 Spoilers in your rig ...

((Best case is having Akshara Sareen installed, play the Price and install another Akshara Sareen to reincarnate her. The Corp is stuck with 4 clicks with nothing else on his mind than wanna advancing and you continue to do your shenanigans. After you played two Price the 3rd Akshara is pretty good in the late game to fisk --> contaminate --> triple click that Gravedigger to put the nails in their coffin.))

Paladin Poemu+Mystic Maemi are always doing sth for ya. In the late game they might get useless so you can trash them but they did their work to not make you click for credits to play that Sure Gamble or the expensive Earthrise Hotel you wanna stay in and try to pay with Gnat's little pocket money.

Gachapon is rather there to thin out the deck. You don't need all your draw/money cards which can be removed from the game. And by occasion you can have an install.

Sports Hopper let's you have the 5+ handcards at the end of your turn when you scored a naked City Works Project as a bait of the Corp to double Punitive Counterstrike you. Otherwise just a draw card.

Spoilers solid (full stop)

Labor Rights get to the end of your deck to rotate back in the cards u need. Usually Contaminate+Fisk Investment Seminar is all your heart desires.

Considerations: Bio-Ethics Association is a problem. Especially with Jinteki: Replicating Perfection. Buffer Drive could be a solution. But due to influence issues the price for it would be to cut the The Price of Freedom. Lolz what an irony. Right now it is just a consideration and more data/matchups have to be made.

Fly on the Wall & Amani Senai against The Black File RIP. Yes you could add more tech cards but this would cost influence which we don’t have. And hey you cannot have everything in life when you are a kid like Gnat :)

So no hard feelings when you lose a game or two.

24 Jun 2020 valerian32

= (

24 Jun 2020 Klokotze

yes? Don't worry, be happy :D

24 Jun 2020 Baa Ram Wu

@Klokotze - after our game earlier it got me thinking - could you find slots for 1x EMP device and 1 Faust? Would give you a way to run archives as a backup winning strategy??