Brainscan - BLM 25th place, 4-2

flimflam 47

Cucin and Amavric's Spicy Asa with a Turing in a Fairchild 3.0 slot for.......really the zero Fausts I saw on the day. Slight use against Aumakua but probably not worth it. I still don't really know how to use or care to use Daruma, so I'd lose that for a lone Surveyor or a second Snare. Deck felt somewhat rich, there were times that I Restored at Tyr and Asa installed a Chiyashi on top of it on RnD.

Deck went 4-2, probably still operating mainly on surprise. Scored out against Hayley, but the other three wins were Brainstorm kills featuring Ganked! and often Helheim Servers, which is just a blast to set up with Tranquility Grid keeping you ahead while you do it. Gatekeepers usually allowed an early SSL to get out, and with fake points and Ikawah can usually get to game point and make the remote a deathtrap that they must run.

Trap decks are best decks.