Trapdoor Argus (3rd BLM tournament)

Armored Ascetic 165

I’ve been a little burned out on Netrunner lately, so absent fervent testing I wanted to play some familiar decks that can effectively punish opposing mistakes - 419 and Argus fit the bill very well, with a nice combination of raw power and giving your opponent a pile of difficult decisions. I ended up on leachrode's 419 alongside this list.

419: Amoral Scammer (4-3)

1-2 vs Asa

2-0 vs Outfit

1-0 vs Titan (cut)

0-1 vs CTM (cut)

Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed (6-1)

2-0 vs Hoshiko

2-1 vs 419 (W/L in cut)

1-0 vs Ken

1-0 vs Leela

I don’t have anything especially smart to say about these decks, so I’ll just say thanks to the organizers, commentators, and players in this event. All my opponents were lovely, and it was great to see the top cut full of BosWash (EDT OP). I'm feeling more excited about Netrunner than I have in quite a while, and am pumped for Continentals season and seeing where 20.06 leads.