You know that’s 419 right?

Swiftie 179

Asked paulyg for a list as i was messing around with various anarch builds. He gave me a Leela one and copied it to Jnet made a couple of changes and tried it out. I forgot to change the ID and it won the first test game before the event so could not change the ID so just played 419.

I told Rotage the story and he agrees that it makes sense not to change the ID. I miss Rotage, looking forward to throwing cards at you again soon buddy.

Netrunner is a great community, even before the events people i spoke with were still open to sharing lists and talking about what to play. I'm always happy to brew decks and help out with deck building.

28 Jun 2020 mcg

What's all this soft fluffy stuff? What have you done with the real Swiftie?

29 Jun 2020 paulyg

Super impressed by your performance! Apparently I was playing the wrong ID...

29 Jun 2020 rotage

Nice work, I don't miss Rotage, guy is a jerk

29 Jun 2020 Swiftie

@mcgSome actual helpful comments. Legwork wins games sont cut it. Too often I think The Turning Wheel is enough to win games in crim.

@paulyg I'll not have done as well without the deck.

@rotagesorry I ment to say rotage1. When is he allowed out?

30 Jun 2020 Cliquil

@rotageWow, savage attacks on me!

30 Jun 2020 rotage

@SwiftieRotage1 is on furlough still
@CliquilOh no, I never considered that connotation. Guy is excellent