Upgrade (2018) - 5th @ Lockd6wn

mcg 765

Hat tip to @highwire for the naming convention.

In the Lockdown events I like to play IDs with low scores, because when else are you going to do it? This time I decided I was going to try Nisei Division: The Next Generation. My first draft was a Potatoes build with Kakugo, Breached Dome and Shipment from Tennin but then a spanner got put in the works. I was short of ideas until a deck called Minority Report turned up in conversation on Slack this week. One of the things it did was kill people by putting Psychic Field and Prisec in the same remote and hoping people chose to access them the right way round. Well, at least of those cards says "secretly spent credits" on it, and that was good enough for me.

The next important step was the name. I was looking for something that meant "a worse version of Minority Report" when I found this review doing all the work for me. And even better, I'm not sure if you're aware, but "upgrade" is also a Netrunner term. I know right, what are the odds?

In the tournament the deck went 3-1, I like to think mainly because nobody had any idea what was happening (least of all me). It even got the Psychic Field/Prisec kill in a game that I had no business in winning. And it might have gone undefeated had I known that The Future Perfect doesn't work when it's installed. Jank/10, would play again.

Thanks to @Vesper for another fun tournament, and to all those who turned up despite 13 hours of playing/watching yesterday.