Beginner: opinions and advice welcome!

Psilocyborg 3

This is my first attempt at deckbuilding. The simple idea is to have a minimal rig with a good amout of money at all times, while Kit's power helps running all around.

29 Jun 2020 LauchArtefakt13

You dont need that many breakers since you play as Kit and have SMC (self modifying code). So you can save space in your deck for fun and usefull stuff. Have a nice one :)

29 Jun 2020 Cpt_nice

Hi there, welcome to the game! You might want to max out on some cards for consistency. The main one is Professional Contacts. This is your main draw engine, as well as your econ. You want this asap. So you should add a third copy. You could also definitely max out on Dirty Laundry and Daily Casts

Many shapers get away with using one of each breaker. This is of course risky and I am not saying you should do that! But you don't need quite that many breakers. As LaunchArtefakt said, you also have to consider slots. Pipeline is a pretty horrible breaker. It is incredibly inefficient. Femme is better but very expensive. You probably want to deal with large sentries with Kit's ability. For back up. consider Na'Not'K or Ika. Or if you free up influence elsewhere, [Bukhgalter]. Your order(/en/card/26016). Battering Ram is also pretty outdated. 2 Corroder should serve you well. If you're afraid of losing breakers, Simulchip is cheap and can fetch any breaker back from your heap. It also works well with Self-Modifying Code.

Easy Mark is decent, but is rarely played because it does very little. You are essentially spending 1 click and 1 card to gain 3 credits, a value of +1. This is only marginally better than clicking for a credit. So I would replace this influence. A case can also be made for replacing Deuces, since Diesel and Proco are your main draw engine, but it is a nice versatile card.

Maker's Eye is a solid multi access tool, but what happens if you play both and then don't see (m)any agendas? You are relegated to single accesses for the remainder of the game. You could play some recursion tool like Harmony AR Therapy or permanent multi-access like The Turning Wheel.

Lastly, I think the base of your deck is solid, but you are forgetting something. You are Kit! You make ice code gates, for free. That's a strong ability! You should leverage that! A way you can do this is by leaning very hard into making big ice servers easy to break with just a decoder. I see you already have Engolo and Pelangi, that's a great start! What about Inversificator? It is expensive but allows you to swap ice, an incredibly powerful ability. You can install it easily via Modded or Stimhack with your Self-Modifying Code. Another neat card for this deck is Spooned. Since you can make ice code gates with Kit and Engolo, you can also destroy problematic ice!

Sorry for the wall of text, hope it helps!

29 Jun 2020 bowlsley

Hello and welcome!

In general I think your choices are decent, but I would agree with the other posters that you've probably picked a few too many Icebreakers here. Most decks will generally try to stick to one of each type (Killer, Fracter, Decoder, with maybe an AI too) and then have multiples of those breakers depending on how quickly they want to find them in the deck. The main problem with picking multiple different breakers of the same type is not just the inconsistency on how you draw them, but also in wasting clicks, money and memory on installing them - for example, even though Battering Ram is not as good as Corroder from a numbers perspective, if you have the former installed, it may probably not be worth you spending 2 credits and a click to install Corroder too. You could just use those credits to break ICE with BR instead.

With that in mind I'd probably recommend you go for Corroder, one of the Killers that @Cpt_nice has mentioned (Ika or Na'Not'K) and either Engolo or Euler (my current preference is Engolo, but both have their strengths).

Oh, and lastly, I would definitely stick some Simulchips in - they're a must for nearly all shaper decks. :)

30 Jun 2020 Psilocyborg

Thank you all, you've been a great help! I've tried to follow all of your advice; I'm pubblishing the updated card list.