Something about Cheese (5-1 ~11th @BLM)

Sokka 658

This deck went 5-1 in the BLM tournament winning two 241s in the last two rounds only so I could tie for 3rd-12th and finish 11th on SoS. I expected my SoS to be bad tho after getting swept in round 2 and finishing round 3 with a 3-3 overall record.

The one loss was me being an idiot and forgetting about the Audactiy play restriction. I was on 6 points (runner on 4), no credits, no cards in hand, one Hostile in R&D, and one Atlas counter. I draw an Audacity at start of turn, use Atlas to find the Hostile thinking I’ve just won, and then realize I just completely threw the game. Doh.

This deck is 2 cards away from Skry’s Cheese Titan. I needed a deck that would be good against reg419 because I (correctly) expected 419 to be the most popular runner. I cut a Preemptive and added the second Fast Track. I don’t really see what the Preemptive is for. At least Fast Track might be useful to set up for a score. I also cut the Afshar and put in the third Hortum just because I expected every deck I played against to have Aumakua (and I think they all did)