Just Pay Shipping and Handling V1.2

Cancer Ace 156

Born from the idea "can you have too much taxation?" Stick your servers behind as many cheap to rez ICE as possible and watch your opponents credits dwindle away. Pup and Pop-up Window consistently make them pay, while Burke Bugs can let you force them into paying or dealing with serious consequences. Other ICE similarly hold them out early and make them pay later. RSVP can be used to turn a Pop-up Window into a ETR ICE if they aren't being careful.

I originally built this with *TWIY, but the more I played it the more I realized that the extra card was only so helpful, and someone pointed out just how much better Making News could make Burke Bugs and TMI, and now Draco. So I shifted up five cards and this is the result. Let me know what you think

26 May 2014 Jashay

You went from 1.0 straight to 1.2! What madness is this? ;)

I don't think I'd have dropped all of the Tollbooths, as they are the definition of taxing, but overall this looks neater.

One I'm experimenting with at the moment is Data Hound. Nice one to spend a couple of credits on, but it's pretty easy to be sucked into spending too much. Sherlock is an okay splash, too, although perhaps a bit pricey for one that doesn't actually end runs.

But yeah, I think this is an improvement. Keep us posted on how it plays!