Inhospitable Conditions

L1tt3rbug 20

I saw an interesting Hyobou deck called Psychic Focus Kill by a user called Solomir. I liked most of the general pieces, but I wanted to really lean into the taxing nature of the deck by switching up the original agenda suite for some more damaging pieces. Nearly every agenda score will cost the runner something, and with multiple Snare!s in the deck, there's a very serious flatline potential with multi-access.

The gameplan is pretty simple, use your ID ability to reveal a target in the runner's grip, then Salem's Hospitality to get rid of any copies they held onto. Use a notepad to keep track of whatever else you see, and see if you can Archived Memories to knock out anything else juicy, like non-Conspiracy breakers. Then, when you get the runner low enough, slap them with a Complete Image and try to kill them, or at least, lock them out of stealing anymore agendas.