Hail the Queen

Diogene 39

This is my take and hommage to Killer Queen (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/58673/killer-queen-an-explosive-adventure).

The same ideas apply. I added Ben Musashi and Hokusai Grid to enhance the grind of this deck. Contract Killer (CK) is the MVP here, it will make you win most of the time.

You could change Special Offer for Snare!, but I prefer to have money around. Also, putting Special Offer in front of Urban Renewal is so flavorful :-)

Cred will come from Special Offer, Hostile Takeover, Too Big to Fail and Mass Commercialization. Wall To Wall can get you pocket money, but it is mainly there to advance ice (including non advancable ice, like Engram Flush and Special Offer).

Bad Pub are not a problem. They increase what Broad Daylight (BD) can do. This deck does not do econ warfare, but it grind the deck of the runner to oblivion. If you have a BD scored and CK on the board, the runner must have 4 cards to survive.

As usual, Dedication Ceremony is for City Work Project. Akhet is immune to Hippo and Reconstruction Contract is a must trash or you can fast advance. Finally, Ben Musashi goes well with Engram Flush to protect an agenda. Engram Flush should always be stacked together.