Good Stuff Hyper-Jes!

mao 677

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This is a very funny and good Shaper list for the current meta. The bad matchups are very few: CtM with Tour Guide (maybe Na'Not'K could become Ika) and HB combo decks. I considered slotting a Clot but I don't think it would make much of a difference. I would gladly receive some suggestions in order to improve the matchup.

Anyway, this deck has all the good cards that Jes could get.

Hot Pursuit, penguins!;

3x Stimhack, very helpful to setup;

Maya that can easily support Engolo and Stargate and be useful to dig on R&D;

Beth Kilrain-Chang (how flexible is this card!);

Kati Jones and The Artist (underrated card, I use it almost every turn if it's on the table);

Guru Davinder that's great against Punitive Counterstrike (did I tell you about that time that I prevented 8 meat damages from 2 Urban Renewal?);

Deus X that's simply fantastic (damages? Hydra? Chiyashi? No problem!);


and Rezeki (yes there is space also for drip economy!).

Enjoy it!