Speedy Harmony

Diogene 39

I tried Bowlsley Glasshouse (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/60752/the-glasshouse-glacier-2-1-at-norwich-sc-7th-overall-) and finally, I had a possible solution to my Harmony Medtech problem.

See, Harmony Medtech ability is made to go fast. But Jinteki does not handle that super well. There are ways, but with 44 cards, it is difficult (at least, for me).

The Glasshouse concept is this : protect your agenda with Border Control. Use upgrades to make sure the runner cannot run again on the same turn.

So, I replaced Mason Bellamy by Marcus Batty, since Marcus will allow to fire an ETR. Ben Musashi is to make Obotoka Protocol a difficult proposition. Daruma is there to exchange the agenda for a Snare!

DRM allow you to push the speed further and get that agenda right away, when the runner would have made the mistake to start preparing, but not be prepared enough.

Swordsman is there for AI and to have a sentry. It could be swapped for something else, but I like to use this underrated ice.

This deck goes fast. Normally, by turn 12, you either won or lose. I've won by turn 7 (fastest for me to date).

If you have any way to make it faster or better, please comment, I'll gladly try it out.