Clicky (Modded Mirrormoph FA)

Dirjel 275

This is the deck I've been playing in the Green Level Clearance Discord server's Modded tournament. It's fun to play, and I even win with it occasionally!

This is a fast advance deck with a focus on triggering our ID ability as often as possible, while setting up for a big Fully Operational payout.

You want to install ICE horizontally, protecting as many assets as you can with one or two pieces of ICE. If the Runner trashes some, that's a real bummer but since they have to break your ICE first to get in it's still a win for you.

RLC is a very strong and flexible card. If you're sitting around with a Biotic in hand and you've got cash to burn, take the "Draw 2" option. If you get an agenda, gain a click, and Biotic-install-A-A-A to score. No agenda? Gain a couple bucks, then tap your Cash Machines. If you've got a Bass, you can RLC him onto the table and refund your click, click him, then install an agenda - this triggers your ID ability, so you then get 4 clicks worth of advancement. Great way to score Deployment Test, or use it to over-advance a Vitruvius for that sweet, sweet recursion.

Don't be afraid to drop a Vulnerability Audit into a single-iced remote immediately after the Runner trashes one of your utility assets. Most people aren't keen to keep breaking the same taxing ICE, then paying to trash your expensive assets multiple times. There're enough FA tools that you can just let it cook overnight, then A-A-A-A and pick it up the next turn.

You will often be very rich by the end of the game. A great way to close things out is to use Fully Operational to just draw like 10 cards, and bank on getting enough Bass/Biotic's to score the last two points.

Also, Vaporframe Fabricator can be used to build out a glacier, but the real power of the card is to turn your ID into a supercharged Asa. You can create & defend a new remote, refill two servers after a Runner trashes your assets, or install Bass and an agenda in the same turn and still trigger your ID for the bonus click.

The deck has lots of fun interactions, and you'll always have lots of lines of play. It can be a little tricky to pilot, but once it's moving it's a great time! Have fun!