Swiss Army Devil (29th at Euros)

Odol 328

Everywhere I go, I see his face. I just really miss him. But I don't think Film Critic would've done what he did, if he didn't know that Smoke was gonna be here after he was gone.


This is the deck I took to 2020 NISEI European Championship, hoping that Smoke can still be competitive in the current meta. Her program suite is comprised of probably the most cost-effective breakers in the game and the tools to effectively fetch them. Net Mercur is still insanely powerful. And the 40-card deck means that the probability of finding ProCo and some economy in the opening hand is high enough to even drop the Diesels!

Now let's address the 5-cost elephant in the room. Daredevil should by no means be considered your console here - that's obviously Net Mercur, the spiritual successor of Desperado. Instead, let's treat Matt Murdock as a late game tool that helps you steal Obokatas and City Works Projects, and live to tell the tale. The 2 MU also allows you to install multiple Mantles or maintain a Clot threat that would not ruin your rig.

What this deck cannot do is handle Lakshmi Smartfabrics... Having faced a total of four decks sporting those during the Euros tournament was a little unfortunate, and finding a way to battle those is going to be one of my goals for future Swiss Army iterations. So brace yourselves for that and...

Always be Smoking!

26 Jul 2020 g4rr3t

The most dedicated smoke player is back! Dope <3

27 Jul 2020 Cpt_nice

The Daredevil is a genius include